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Construction hub is Rwanda's digital directory for construction, architecture, interior design, and decoration. We believe in finding products, services, and inspiration for your home from our website and social media pages.


To facilitate contacts between suppliers and potential customers and business partners. 
To offer an easily accessible website for showcasing a company’s products and services.


To be the leading provider of quality e-business, advertising and information services for Home Improvement.

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Our Services

  1. Directory

Need help in finding a company? We're here to help!

Whether you need to find a house builder, an interior designer, construction materials suppliers or manufacturers to help with bigger house improvement projects, you are in the right place. Simply contact us to receive a full list of companies for your project. You will be provided with their full contact details, all within less than 24 hours and you will then be able to contact them directly. There is no middleman.

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Moreover, we provide assistance in choosing the right company for your project.

2.     Quotations

We provide quotations of products and services available on the website. (Link to get a quote should be put under this point)

  1. Private construction tenders

With a wide range of registered house builders, designers, and suppliers, Constructionhub assists in choosing the right company for your project.

How we can assist


  • Inception: we sit together with clients, and we understand their projects. Then, we help them in choosing the suitable procurement methods for their projects according to their capacities.

Procurement methods:

Turnkey/ Lumpsum:  Client and contractor agree on a lumpsum amount to finish the project.

Labor-based: The client buys materials, tools, and other equipment that are needed on the project and the contractor supplies labor only.

Re-measurement: The contractor is paid according to the work done.

  • Site visit: Client and Constructionhub team visit the site

  • Request for quotations: We request quotations from our registered companies in accordance with the project types.

  • Site visit: Constructionhub and bidders

  • Submission of quotations: Companies present their pricing, allowing us to understand where the costs are being expended. Having multiple quotes is valuable to compare the various costs and ensure value for money.

  • Choosing the right company: At this stage, five things are considered while choosing the right company for your project: Similar previous work done, quality of previous work done, their availability, reputation, and project cost.

  • Contract signing: Once you’ve made your decision, we request a contract from the successful builder. We review and advise of any necessary adjustments to the contract, and once complete, our team attends the contract signing between you and the builder.

  • Construction Project Management: we oversee the process and ensure everything is on track while visiting the site on behalf of our clients and we certify invoices by ensuring value for money.
  1. Construction Project Management

If you require our construction project management services or want peace of mind that your house is being built in line with the design intent, you are welcome to engage us to inspect your house site on either a once-off or recurring basis.

Our building construction management team can attend the site and cross-check the design with the onsite progress at key intervals. We will then provide you and the builder with a report of any items that may contradict the design intent.

Often, we will have consulted with them throughout the architectural drawing and structural engineering phases to ensure the final build will stick to your budgeted house building cost.